Campaign: Recruitment
Client: Fremont Police Department

Campaign Creative  |  Video Production  |   Photography  |  Digital Ads

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Create updated visual content to be used in a new recruitment campaign for the Fremont Police Department to attract new potential candiates as well as lateral moves from officers in other cities to the Fremont department.

The FPD needed to specifically attract candidates for the Dispatch and Cadet departments as well as create general interest in joining the force. They wanted to appeal to candidates that maybe hadn’t previously considered a law enforcement career, but who would have the right temprement or interpersonal skills to do the job effectively.


We worked closely with the FPD team to understand the audiences that they needed to appeal to and how best to visually represent the variety of career paths available in law enforcement. 

We created a visual campaign to coincide with the marketing strategy developed by Audacy that centered around showcasing real officers who fill different job roles and represented different demographics, ages, genders and skill sets. 

We intentionally stayed away from showing the “typical” police footage to convey some of the lesser known roles and responsibilities of being a police officer and what it means to serve the community.


2 Minute Campaign Video

Patrol :30

Patrol :15

Dispatch :30

Dispatch :15

The Fremont Police Department identified officers in different departments who would be the representatives of the campaign.

We concluded with the FPD team that showing real officers and hearing their stories would be more impactful to the personality types they were trying to attract as new candidates.




Utilizing the updated campaign photography, we created new static and dynamic digital ads along with updated campaign messaging.